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Digital Aerials

The Benefits of Digital TV
With Freeview TV, you don’t have to commit to a monthly rental fee. Freeview, is what it says on the tin completely Free.

You have the option, to subscribe to other entertainment channels, such as Living, MTV, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network to name but a few. You can access these extra channels by Top Up TV, or you can pay per view.

If you would like to receive these premium channels, you will need a digital receiver with cam card access on your set top box or TV.

How do I know if I can get Digital TV? Most of the High Peak is now benefiting from Digital as the Digital Switch over has now taken place, if you are still having problems with your signal give us a call. We always use digital signal strength meters, ensuring you get the best reception. If you are in the minority and do not have the signal available, we can install Freesat for you.

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